Short stories

Baying of Hounds:

A poker game gone bad in the Wild West with a touch of supernatural. 28.10.2005

A Funeral for a Friendship:

When an incident brings back together a group of companions, old grudges surface. This one began first as a testing ground for a certain kind of narrating style but evolved into something more later on. ??.12.2005

Another day in Rome:

Just another normal day in the imperial palace. 07.02.2006

New Peoria Heights - An Initiation to the Illinois Rumble:

As quirky as the title sounds, this one is a fairly simple piece of prose. Initially I was very excited about writing a post-apocalyptic story but I totally ran out of steam. You can clearly see the points where I was once again injected with inspiration. 19.01.2007

Mikey's Revenge:

A violent tale of a man seeking revenge. I should warn potential readers that this is not a nice story with its despicable characters, graphical and wanton violence. 6.8.2007

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